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AxPipe Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
AxPipe::Auto_Seg< T >Std::auto_ptr like functionality with CSeg pointers
AxPipe::CCoContextEncapsulate a co-routine context
AxPipe::CErrorBase class to all segments, handles backwards error propagation etc
AxPipe::CFilterA buffering filter enabling a pull programming-model
AxPipe::CFilterBlockA buffering filter class returning chunks of requested size
AxPipe::CFilterByteA byte-wise filter class, enabling the caller to retrieve one byte at a time
CFilterNopA sample CFilter derived class that just let's the data through
AxPipe::CGlobalInitGlobal initialization for the AxPipe framework
AxPipe::CJoinA Y join, taking any number of streams and joining them
AxPipe::CJoin::CTSinkJoinA helper class for the merge, each in stream gets a CSinkJoin like this
CJoinInterleaveSample CJoin
AxPipe::CNoThreadDummy non-threaded base-class for all CSource, CSink and CPipe derived classes
AxPipe::CPipeThe generic pipe-segment as an abstract class
AxPipe::CPipeBlockAccept pushed segments n blocks of m bytes at a time (except last)
AxPipe::Stock::CPipeFindSyncScan a stream for a sync-sequence, skipping until found
AxPipe::Stock::CPipeHMAC_SHA1< iBits >Calculate HMAC-SHA1-128 or 160 from a data-stream
AxPipe::Stock::CPipeInflateDecompress with ZLib
AxPipe::Stock::CPipeSHA1A pass-through strainer, calculating an SHA1 on-the-fly
AxPipe::CSegReference counted memory buffer objects
AxPipe::CSegMapA special purpose version of CSeg, to work with Memory Mapped segments
AxPipe::CSinkThe base class of all CSink and CPipe derived pipe sections
AxPipe::CSinkMemFileA CSink implemented with a memory mapped file as the destination
AxPipe::CSinkNull/dev/null or NUL: in Windows parlance
AxPipe::CSourceA generic source, as an abstract class
AxPipe::CSourceMemA memory buffer based source
AxPipe::CSourceMemFileA CSource providing data from a file system file, using memory mapping
AxPipe::CSourceNull/dev/null or NUL: in Windows
AxPipe::CSplitA forward Y-split, divides a stream into two
AxPipe::CSyncThread synchronization
AxPipe::CThread< T >Thread wrapper for AxPipe CSource, CPipe and CSink derived classes
AxPipe::CThreadMain< T >Template class that will create a thread for a method virtual int Main()
AxPipe::CThreadNoRun< T >Only used as a ThreadProc to get back into the class. Template to implement a pipe-section in a separate thread
AxPipe::CThreadSource< T >Start a CSource in a separate thread. A CSource derived class will be setup to Drain() in it's own thread
AxPipe::CThreadSyncA small collection of objects and methods for thread sync
AxPipe::Stock::TBits< iBits >A template class for hashes of various kinds

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