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CJoinInterleave Class Reference

Sample CJoin. More...

#include <Examples.h>

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Public Member Functions

AxPipe::CSegIn ()
 The overridden In().

Detailed Description

Sample CJoin.

This is a copying pattern example to use to create CJoin based derivations. It reads segments of data from a number of streams and interleaves them in the output. It's actually rather uncontrolled, since the size of the segments provided etc is up to respective stream but this is just a basic template.

Definition at line 53 of file Examples.h.

Member Function Documentation

AxPipe::CSeg * CJoinInterleave::In  )  [virtual]

The overridden In().

This is what must be overriden to actually do anything. The following is a sample that picks data from one, and then the other, until end of all streams is reached.

A segment from each input stream in round-robin fashion until all are empty.

Implements AxPipe::CSource.

Definition at line 77 of file Examples.cpp.

References AxPipe::CSeg::Len(), AxPipe::CJoin::StreamEmpty(), AxPipe::CJoin::StreamIx(), and AxPipe::CJoin::StreamSeg().

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