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AxPipe File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
AxPipe.cpp [code]Main class implementation, AxPipe::CSource, AxPipe::CSink, AxPipe::CPipe, AxPipe::CFilter, AxPipe::CJoin, AxPipe::CSplit
AxPipe.h [code]Main class declarations, AxPipe::CSource, AxPipe::CPipe, AxPipe::CFilter, AxPipe::CSink, AxPipe::CSplit, AxPipe::CJoin
AxPipeAssert.cpp [code]Fatal assertions and formatted message box etc
AxPipeAssert.h [code]Fatal assertions and formatted message box etc
CCoContext.cpp [code]Implementation of AxPipe::CCoContext, co-routine context holder object for Win32
CCoContext.h [code]Co-routine context class wrapper
CError.cpp [code]Implementation of AxPipe::CError error handler
CError.h [code]Handle backward error propagation etc
CFileMap.cpp [code]Implementation of AxPipe::CSourceFileMap and AxPipe::CSinkFileMap, memory mapped files
CFileMap.h [code]Memory Mapped File Source and Sink, AxPipe::CSourceMemFile and AxPipe::CSinkMemFile
CFilter.cpp [code]Implementation of AxPipe::CFilter, pull-style filters of different kinds
CJoin.cpp [code]Implementation of AxPipe::CJoin, a base class for joining n-streams into one
CPipe.cpp [code]Implementation of AxPipe::CPipe base class for AxPipe::CSource and other segments
CPipeBlock.cpp [code]Implementation of AxPipe::CPipeBlock, providing pushed blocks of a given size
CPipeFindSync.cpp [code]Implementation of AxPipe::Stock::CPipeFindSync, skip until sync
CPipeFindSync.h [code]AxPipe::Stock::CPipeFindSync, Find a sync and start passing data then
CPipeHMAC_SHA1.cpp [code]Implementation of AxPipe::Stock::TPipeHMAC_SHA1
CPipeHMAC_SHA1.h [code]Declaration of AxPipe::Stock::CPipeHMAC_SHA1, calculate HMAC_SHA1 of the stream
CPipeInflate.cpp [code]Implementation of AxPipe::Stock::CPipeInflate
CPipeInflate.h [code]Declaration of AxPipe::Stock::CPipeInflate, Inflate stream with ZLib
CPipeSHA1.cpp [code]Implementation of AxStock::CPipeSHA1, calculate SHA1 of the stream
CPipeSHA1.h [code]Declaration of AxPipe::Stock::CPipeSHA1, calculate SHA1 of the stream
CSeg.cpp [code]Implementation of AxPipe::CSeg reference counted memory objects
CSeg.h [code]Reference counted memory buffers AxPipe::CSeg
CSink.cpp [code]Implementation of AxPipe::CSink base class for sinks
CSource.cpp [code]Implementation of AxPipe::CSource, base class for sources
CSplit.cpp [code]Implementation of AxPipe::CSplit base class for Y-split
CSync.cpp [code]Implementation of AxPipe::CSync thread synchronization object
CSync.h [code]Thread synchronization class AxPipe::CSync
CThread.h [code]Threading dummy base and template wrapper AxPipe::CNoThread and AxPipe::CThread<>
Examples.cpp [code]Implementation of various patterns and examples to start with
Examples.h [code]Copying examples and patterns, CFilterNop, CJoinInterleave
stdafx.cpp [code]Standard Visual Studio Precompiled Header generator
stdafx.h [code]Visual Studio standard precompiled header, defines required target environment etc
TBits.cpp [code]Implementation of AxPipe::Stock::TBits
TBits.h [code]Declaration of AxPipe::Stock::THash and AxPipe::Stock::TKey, template classes for such

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