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AxPipe::CGlobalInit Class Reference

Global initialization for the AxPipe framework. More...

#include <AxPipe.h>

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Public Member Functions

 CGlobalInit ()
 Initialized thread local storage and other global data.

 ~CGlobalInit ()
 Free thread local storage.

Detailed Description

Global initialization for the AxPipe framework.

It's not clear if GetCurrentFiber() is guaranteed to return NULL before a fiber is created, so to be sure we keep track of it/thread here.

Can't use __declspec(thread) static as it doesn't work well in delay loaded DLL's

The TLS index is TlsAlloc()'d once per process during run-time startup by initializing the static. At the same time we register an atexit() function to handle the TlsFee() of the TLS index.

Can't use static initializers since we sometimes want to use this functionality without the benefit of run time library support for this, thus we require the main thread to create an object that initializes all this.

Create exactly one object of type CAxPipeInit, and let it destruct on program exit.

Definition at line 182 of file AxPipe.h.

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