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AxPipe::Stock Namespace Reference

Stock transforms with AxPipe. More...


class  CPipeFindSync
 Scan a stream for a sync-sequence, skipping until found. More...

class  CPipeHMAC_SHA1
 Calculate HMAC-SHA1-128 or 160 from a data-stream. More...

class  CPipeInflate
 Decompress with ZLib. More...

class  CPipeSHA1
 A pass-through strainer, calculating an SHA1 on-the-fly. More...

class  TBits
 A template class for hashes of various kinds. More...


template CPipeHMAC_SHA1<128>
 128-bit instantiation of HMAC_SHA1

template CPipeHMAC_SHA1<160>
 160-bit instantiation of HMAC_SHA1

template TBits<128>
 128-bit instantiation of bit-block

template TBits<160>
 160-bit instantiation of bit-block

template TBits<256>
 256-bit instantiation of bit-block

Detailed Description

Stock transforms with AxPipe.

Stock, or Standard transformations that are part of the package, but separate from the framework, are collected for convenience in this namespace. They will be classes that are derived from the standard AxPipe classes, implementing specific sources, transformations and sinks.

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